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getting to 5 year goal

I think the best thing to do is to keep doing what I am doing right now. Continue to go to college and learn as much as I can about the film world on the production side and the art side. The biggest thing is to keep observing.  I’m also trying to watch as many movies as I can, and not just big circular blockbusters, but independent and artful movies.  I need to narrow down the style in which I like my movies and want to make my movies.  If I continue to do these things along with writing my own stuff and teaching myself things out side of school, I’m sure it will help me achieve my goal. I’ve just finished making a few camera rigs of my own and plan on getting a camera this summer to film as much as I can. Filmmaking is all about working on as many sets as you can and being able to show off your work. So this summer I want to film as much as I can and be able to show it off when I get back to school, which should help me get jobs on other students films. 

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